Czech Senators Visited Czech Supported Projects in Georgia

Czech Senators Visited Czech Supported Projects in Georgia

May 10, 2019

Starting from 2000s' political, social and war crises, the Czech Republic has been one of the strongest supporters and best friends of Georgia! 

During the past two decades, the Czech people have given Georgians support in many areas of need, starting from the humanitarian aid and finishing with Agriculture and Human rights development. The friendship between the two countries is still very vibrant and actively continues as the Czech Republic’s generous support is still enhancing the lives of Georgians.

Last week, Vice President of the Senate of the Czech Republic, Mr. Milan Stech, Chairperson of the Standing Senate Commission on Rural Development, Mr. Miroslav Nenutil and other high representatives of the Czech Senate visited the local cooperative “Kvitiri” in the Imereti region.

The cooperative that was funded by the EU ENPARD programme and co-funded by the Government of the Czech Republic produces herbs and vegetables. The grant provided the cooperative with modern equipment that enabled them to start producing products that comply with European Union standards. As a result, they are successfully distributing their products not only in Georgia but in Europe.

Author: Ramaz Chichinadze, Communication Officer